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Force MengXin - propofol injection

Consecutive years ranks the top of the domestic market of propofol, still is the most close to the ideal state of anesthetic agents, has been included in the national "five-year", "ninth five-year research project; Joint assessment by five ministries as "national key new product"; By the national ministry of science and technology included in the "national torch plan project"; By the shaanxi provincial government identified as "provincial famous product".
【 indications 】 apply to maintain anesthesia induction and intravenous general anesthesia, can also be used to strengthen the monitoring of patients receiving mechanical ventilation in calm, and painless induced abortion operation, etc.
【 pack pack 】 10 ml, 20 ml; Ampoule, 5 pieces/box; 50 ml: glass bottle, 1 bottle/box
10 ml rule lattice 】 【 : 100 mg;
20 ml: 200 mg; 50 ml: 500 mg
H20010368 approved by the approval number 】 【 (10 ml: 100 mg)
Approved by H19990282 (20 ml: 200 mg)
Approved by H20040300 (50 ml: 500 mg)

Contact phone: 029-88314277 029-88212548

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