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Enterprise Culture

Force state vision: focus on human health, talented team members present, respect-work joy workplace environment, the phase relationship harmony, mutual benefit and the wealth of the harvest and share the sunshine with the results. Forget behind, and efforts in front of you, to run continuously benchmarking.

Enterprise mission: to advocate science, health living beings

Enterprise spirit: unyielding, team work

Mode of operation: the big picture republican, XiaoJu entrepreneurship

The path to growth: growth talent, achievement enterprise

Principle: eyebrows alone

Development strategy: specialization, standardization, scale, and internationalization



Core management way:
"Target", on behalf of the vision and business goals
"Team" - is to realize the goal of the core pillar
"Incentive" and "bound" -- is the main management team goals
"Corporate culture", is the foundation of force state enterprise operation and development

Corporate identity:


Triangle represents the force at the core of the management of state enterprises, Lb is the abbreviation of state enterprises to English name, green represents health career.



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