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nutrition industry

Rio state medical nutrition industry group is the first domestic engaged in the development of the medical food development and production and business units, mainly for people under special physiological stages and pathology to provide products and services, the earliest one of the largest r&d, production, sales as one of the medicinal food enterprises. For more than 10 years has been focused on enteral nutrition preparations of research and development, under the guidance of the nutrition experts at home and abroad to cooperate, learn from the long, adopts scientific formula and advanced technology, strict quality management method, for different people to provide high quality products and services.

The subordinate company:
Xi 'an force state of clinical nutrition co., LTD
Xi 'an force state optimum network technology company
Add state optimal kang special dietary food science and technology co., LTD

Company address: xi 'an high-tech zone Tang Yanna B101 zte industrial park road 10 r&d building
Zip code: 710075
Telephone: 029-81772820
Fax: 029-88719166
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