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Social Responsibility

At the same time to improve the quality of the production and business operation, force gentiles moment does not forget his shoulder social responsibility. Total number of employees by the startup expanded to nearly one thousand people, dozens of accumulative total pay taxes of hundreds of millions of yuan, for many years was awarded the "tax advanced enterprises", "large taxpayer".
Active earthquake relief

"5 ? 12" wenchuan in sichuan after the earthquake, force gentiles spontaneous actions, quickly into the earthquake relief in the fight. On the third day after the quake, according to the decision of the board, personally led by the President, will be most needed, more than 300 ten thousand yuan worth of "force MengXin" overnight to chengdu in sichuan province. That disaster areas treat patients need a lot of nutrition, force the state employees to work overtime, continuous fighting, in the shortest possible time produced more than 250000 yuan worth of "optimal" medical nutrition, were sent to sichuan and chongqing areas. Force state employees also voluntary donation of 70000 yuan, along with corporate donations totaling 100000 yuan, in a timely manner to the hard-hit in shaanxi baoji old district, effectively support the local disaster relief work.
Adhere to the student for poverty alleviation
Since 2003, the state enterprises in shaanxi reach to swim and ZhenAn poverty student activities in a row, was welcomed by the local government and the masses.
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